• Each dog has to meet certain requirement's 

  • Each dog must be vaccinated with all required shots including but not limited to Rabies, Dpp, Bordetella and distemper.

  • Each dog must be bathed and clean.

  • Each dog nails must be trimmed. 

  • (we offer nail trimmings for a extra $10

  • Each dog must undergo evaluation,

  • Each dog must be bathroom trained.

  • Each dog must be spade or neutered.

  • Each dog must have letter from vet stating the dogs health.

  • Sorry but no Pitbull's, Doberman's or German Shepherds allowed in daycare. Careful consideration given for Boarding.

  • No guest allowed in dog areas or beyond the gates.

  • Client must agree to vet services in case of emergency.

  • Not all dog's are made for daycare but we specialize in socialization so if you don't think your dogs make the cut then let's at least give him a try. We will evaluate and in some cases allow for special arrangements. We love all dogs and know that some may require more attention then others.

Business Hours



Daycare hours 


Retail Hours


Boarding Hours-By request

Grooming Hours-TBD


Corporate office

680 Rogers St.

2nd Floor

Lowell, Ma. 


Hours 9am-5pm


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