Our Story

Little bit about us, we are part of the company Little Pups Lowell LLC. The premise of our company to make sure you dog has the best experience, best care and best training available. 

Our Staff

C.J. owner has been working with dog's for over 5 years. He is patient, kind and loves them. Most people call him the dog whisperer all dogs seem to flock to him, C.J. has a special talent in understanding a dogs needs.

In 2017 C.J. along with other's from a group at the Chelmsford dog park got together and after talking he said " I can do this better" "I'm going to build a doggie daycare but after searching for locations he fell short but decided to open PUPS the pet store that was located in downtown Lowell.

C.J.'s Pet Store was so well received he was asked by Simon Malls to open a store in the Burlington Mall one of the 10 largest malls in the country. 

The Lowell store was closed because of parking and because downtown Lowell turned out to be not such a great place to open a store. You can visit the store in the Burlington Mall near center court. 

C.J. sold that location so he could pursue his love for dogs. We all know that 2020 was a crazy year but it was actually a good year for him. 

C.J. started talking with his friend Brenda and they decided to join together with Covid 19 and losing so much business the two of them have worked tersely to save C.J.'s dream. So together temporarily until C.J. finds the perfect property in the Lowell area they offer pick up and drop off service, private doggie daycare in N.H. 

"together makes us stronger" is heard from both. Brenda brings over 20 years experience working with dogs, she is compassionate, kind and keeps the dog's on regular schedules and provides 3 play yards and two large indoor play spaces, bed and breakfast services. If your dog stay's with Brenda they are so well taken care of, Brenda offers a crate free bed and breakfast each dog gets there very own chosen by the dog place to sleep, 24 hr care, meals served on the dog's schedule and so much ❤ many times the dog doesn't have a desire to go home. They truly are pampered beyond comprehension.

“I'm so pleased with K9 Lifestyle Company and since they partnered with Brenda's Bed and Breakfast well I didn't think it could get any better but it did"​
Anthony Smith, Stella's owner

“Private daycare is the way to go, C.J. picks up Andromeda our Chihuahua daily​. She absolutely loves him, the pick up drop off service is the best."
Maggie Fitzpatrick, Andromeda owner

Day Care Hours


7am- 5pm


24 hrs.


Corporate office

1 Bartlett St.

Lowell, Ma. 
Daycare/ 617-642-9599
Boarding/ 978-851-2021


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2021 Little Pups Lowell LLC dba/ K9 Lifestyle Company