Our Story

A little bit about us, we are part of the company Little Pups Lowell LLC. The premise of our company to make sure your dog has the best experience, best care and best training available. 

Our Staff

C.J. owner has been working with dogs for over 5 years. He is patient, kind and loves them. Most people call him the dog whisperer; all dogs seem to flock to him. C.J. has a special talent in understanding a dog's needs.

In 2017 C.J., along with others from a group at the Chelmsford dog park, got together. After talking, he said, " I can do this better." "I'm going to build a doggie daycare" After searching for locations, he fell short; so he decided to open PUPS, the pet store that was located in downtown Lowell.

C.J.'s Pet Store was so well received that he was asked by Simon Malls to open a store in the Burlington Mall, one of the 10 largest malls in the country. The Lowell store was closed because of parking and because downtown Lowell turned out to be not such a great place to open a store. You can visit the store in the Burlington Mall near center court.

C.J. sold that location so he could pursue his love for dogs. We all know that 2020 was a crazy year but it was actually a good year for him. 

C.J. started talking with his friend Brenda who has been in the business over 20 years and she agreed to mentor him and train him to work with dogs. Now one year later he is ready to step out on his own with Brenda there to consult and guide him.

C.J. has proven to be truly the dog whisper that people so fondly refer to him as.

Fast forward into 2021, C.J. meets Maggi.

C.J. and Maggi quickly became friends. Her dog Andromeda, along with C.J.s two dogs, Cody seen in the reminder on this page and Hennessy, his newest dog all became life long buddies. The bonds were so strong, how could you separate them? Family that plays well together needs to stay together, so in a weird way C.J. and Maggie have become co-parents to these 3 dogs, along with over 50 other dogs that have become his clients.

C.J. and Maggi were having dinner one night at the Cracker Barrel; both said at same time, lets open a Doggie Daycare! The two in Lowell, Crazy Canine and the Social Pup are wonderful but they realized there was nothing near Tewksbury and Belvidere area of Lowel. For the last 6 months they have searched tirelessly for a location, then coming home after dark, BOOM!! The place that he had dreamed about came up for rent and they were able to secure a lease.

Introducing 3 Muttsketeer Pets LLC (Andromeda, Hennessey and Cody) dba The all new updated

K9 Lifestyle Company. 

This story to be continued....

"What about Maggi"? I thought you would never ask. Although Maggi has limited dog experience, she is an experienced elementary school teacher, with over 20 years experience working with kids, so she will be perfect for the job. Maggi has a witty no holds bar personality, but most of all has a great love for dogs.

Maggi and C.J. are both residents of Lowell.

Oh by the way "What happened to Brenda"? Thought you would never ask..... Brenda is a private pet boarder with over 20 years experience, specializing in dog socialization. With a shared clientele based on the promise of an outstanding experience for you and your pet.

Woman in protective surgical mask holds dog pet in face mask. Chinese Coronavirus disease

“I'm so pleased with K9 Lifestyle Company, and since they open the daycare, well I didn't think it could get any better but it did"​
Anthony Smith, Stella's owner

Daycare that opens at 6:00am is the way to go, We drop her off and she absolutely loves Maggie, CJ and the crew.
Susan Hart, Jenny's owner