We offer both private daycare and private boarding: People say why private? It gives us the ability to take time to get to know our clients and be more selective with the dog's we chose. We work with both large and small dogs starting with a ground up approach. We believe every dog should deserves to eat, play, sleep and be loved. So if your dog is chosen you will know they are very special and will now be part of a world class pack of fun, exciting dog's that have made the cut. 

We keep the dogs on a daily schedule with our focus on exercise and outdoor play.

{Outdoor times very in the winter} Three seasons of the year our dogs have more outdoor time then any other daycare. They start their day being picked up at or near the time you desire or you can drop them off at our Lowell pickup location.  After a short van ride they arrive at our beautiful facility in N.H. 

The day starts with social outdoor play, around the noon hour they come in for snacks and then naps for one hour, then its back outside for potty breaks and playtime. Because the sun is hottest, our afternoon play consist of shaded play in our larger yard, C.J. might take a few dog's out for a afternoon excursion or hike. We play ball or just have free playtime but each dog is made to feel extra special with individual times with Brenda or C.J.

Day Care
We make it simple!
$30 dollars a day includes.
Daycare, Snacks, Pick up and Drop off Service.
Every dog is different so we offer several special packages, they may come 1 day a week or 5 days a week. 
Prices can very with our packages and we offer discount coupons at different times of the year plus for every 15 visits your dog gets 1 free visit.

We work with a great private boarder. Your dog can expect world class boarding that is above the rest. Each dog get their own bedroom or bed, breakfast lunch and dinner. Outdoor playtime with our daycare dogs and special night time playtime. They get 24 hour supervision and individual time for walks or training. It is a crate free environment and your dog is free to roam like nature intended. If you would like to schedule meet and greet or Boarding request -Click the button below-


Professional, insured carers make sure your dog has a vacation as great as yours!

Boarding Prices
We keep it simple
$50 Dollars a day with special packages available, each dog needs to meet certain criteria and must have all shots and vaccinations.
We are a full service private boarding facility so your dog can come for one night or stay for a month. 
Special rates available for dog's staying more then a week.

Day Care Hours


7am- 5pm


24 hrs.


Corporate office

1 Bartlett St.

Lowell, Ma.
Daycare/ 617-642-9599
Boarding/ 978-851-2021


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