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K9 Lifestyle Company 

"Our goal to make your day or getaway worry free."

Lowell's Newest Doggie Day Care, Retail and Dog Massage center. We provide services that others do not,  like year around outdoor supervised play and in 2022  all new Dog Massage. We work with all dogs specializing in socialization. We bring over 20 years experience. Because our groups are smaller, we are able to give one on one attention to each dog throughout the day.

We believe each dog needs to eat, sleep and be loved, but most importantly get the exercise they need to stay strong and healthy. We realize that each breed is different so we customize each dog's experience to their own needs. We evaluate,
then place that dog in one of our many different programs,
When we say "tired guaranteed" we mean it.

We offer indoor and outdoor space but focus on the outdoors. You'll hear our customers say, "wow how do you keep your yard green?"  We use high quality Astro Turf in our main play yard, with proper drainage as to not impede on its natural surroundings, but allow us to clean and disinfect daily.

We are not just all about daycare. 
Need Boarding? If your pup is here for a night, a month, or beyond we offer one of our select private boarders for your furry friends 7 days a week.  We are a crate free environment and allow your dog to roam free and we require our boarders to uphold everyone of our standards. Our clients ask "where will Fido sleep?"  Fido will get his own bed, his own area or sleep with one of us. We never want to upset Fido's schedule so we work with each client to understand their routine and strive to keep that schedule. If Fido sleeps in a crate we do have them, if necessary. 

Training? Well glad you asked!
Our Trainer is trully one of the Merrimack Valley's finest
He comes with 15 years experience and has trained and been trained by the best!
Our trainer Ron uses a variety of training tools and makes it easy by coming to you or setting up a time to meet at the daycare or a local park. We want your dog to have the best experience for their training needs. 

Dog Massage
We have a world class dog massage therapist joining our group in 2022 stay tuned for details.

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Daycare Hours- 6am - 7pm 617-642-9599
Boarding Hours by request. 978-851-2021 Brenda
Training-781-558-6831  Ron
Dog Massage coming Jan 2022
for additional times and pricing feel free to give us a call
“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”
"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened."
Enjoy your vacation and leave your dog safely with us.